The DCC would like to announce our new 22LR offering, the DCC SUMMER MATCH SERIES.  Starting June 20 and running through October the Summer Match Series will hold a Saturday match each month.  The match format changes each month so you won’t be shooting the same match twice.  The Club will post a description of each match a month ahead so those who wish to practice can.  

Two things make these matches unique.  First, these will primarily be steel matches.  You get to shoot on steel plates.  Second, we have been very careful to design each match so practically anyone can compete.  You don’t need a specialized target rifle or match ammo to compete.  If you know where your rifle shoots at different ranges your stock 22 with decent bulk ammo will be competitive.  We have divided the firearms up into specific Divisions so you are only competing against other competitors with similar equipment.  We select targets sized so that if you don’t own a rifle with a scope you can still come compete with your iron sights.

Each month will be different from the last.  Below is a link to the upcoming month’s event.

September Steel Match

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