Match dates for the 2019 DCC Champion Challenge will soon be announced.


  • COURSE OF FIRE: 10 shots pistol, 25 yards; 10 shots rifle, 50 yards; TQ-4 target 8” black; fired in a freehand standing position. Time limit of 2 min 30 sec per 5 shots. A four-match cumulative score in each classification will determine the winner. One match may be shot in each applicable classification per match may be fired, make-up matches excepted. You may shoot more than four matches and low scores will be dropped. No shooter may shoot more that seven matches.
  • CLASSIFICATIONS: Optics, Iron Sights, Youth (age 12-17), and Child (under age 12). Age on the date of the first match will determine age bracket for the season.
  • EQUIPMENT: .22LR handgun and rifle. Match grade rifles and handguns are frowned upon. There are only two class types — optics and iron sights. Any optical sight whether or not it provides magnification will be allowed in the optics class. Any iron sight including apertures are allowed. If either rifle or handgun have optical sights, they quality in the optical class. Trigger pull, 2 Lbs. minimum. Optical magnification of 6.5x maximum (adjustable scopes shall be set to 6.5x or lower. Adjustable or hooked butt plates, palm rests, shooting coats or support slings are not allowed. Eye and ear protection required. Action open indicators required (can be purchased).
  • AMMUNITION: .22 Cal. short, long or long rifle rim fire cartridges, standard or high velocity only. No hyper velocity or stinger type allowed.
  • RULES: Be nice and take any issues to the Match Director.
  • FEES: $5.00 per season, per classification.
    AWARDS: Bragging rights. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the match director.
  • REGISTRATION AND FACILITIES: Registration will start at 4:30 PM each match, or whenever the Match Official gets there. Competition commences at 5:00 PM, or whenever the Match Official wants to start. Rest rooms and soft drinks are available at the club house.