We offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course and the NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Course. Please send e-mail to info@dccsafety.com if you need additional information.

All courses are taught by NRA Certified Instructors.

The NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Course is a 3-4 hour class and covers one specific handgun model plus range time. This is a hands-on beginner or refresher course for someone who already owns a handgun. Please contact us to schedule one of these classes for one-on-one or a small group.

NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Course
Schedule: Contact us
Cost: $60/person

The NRA Basic Pistol Course is up to 10 hours and covers all handgun types plus range time. This is a good beginner or refresher class for those who might not know what type of handgun they want, or want a more in depth learning and hand-on experience.

NRA Basic Pistol Course
Schedule: No classes scheduled at this time
Time: TBD
Cost: TBD
Online Registration Required

Please Note: the registration link will take you to our registration calendar page. Use the calendar to find the desired class (shown in blue on the calendar). Look for “DCC BPC”. When you click on the class you will be asked for login and registration information. You will also need to verify that you will sign a Release and Waiver. After registering you will be able to pay for your class via PayPal to the Instructor. You do NOT need to register for PayPal to pay with a credit card. Please read our registration policy before registering for a class. Payment is expected at the time of registration.